Friday, November 4, 2011


Best day of my life May 2, 2009

Love of my life. hahah he swore he would never like cats, and now we have 2 that he loves!!!

i love that he is athletic and competitive.

our honeymoon in Hawaii

playing rockband!

Oh my dear sweet Travis Allen Taylor, Today you turned 24!! This boy is not a boy he is a man, and what an amazing one at that. He is so funny too he keeps saying, "Ya next year when i turn 25 ill get a discount on my car insurance!" what a goof ball. I love him so much. Travis is such an amazing person, he is always worried about others and is always willing to take care of them and help them out in any way he can. Anytime someone calls him up for help he is there! Travis would do anything to provide for our small family and he is such a hard worker. I am so blessed to have been able to know him and then marry him. Many may not know our story so now is as good a time to tell it.

about 4 years ago my oldest Sister and her family moved to West Virginia for her husband to go to medical school. While living there, a missionary named Elder Taylor was in that area/ward and got to know my sister and her family well. One day while at my sisters house elder Taylor's companion saw me in our family picture and asked if he could write me. My sister looked at him and said, "No your not her type, but you are elder Taylor, you should write her." Elder Taylor said no i gotta keep focused and not be distracted.

Well after about 2 weeks of my sister bothering Elder Taylor to write her sister he finally caved.

I was a Senior in High School, my sister called me up one day and asked if id like to write a cute missionary, i thought that's kinda weird but ok sure.

Long story short we wrote for 18 months and fell in love, we knew most everything about each other over our letters of writing.

Once he got home from his mission Travis moved in with his sister who lived very close to my parents house. we dated for 3 weeks got engaged, then were married 4 months later in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

People who didn't know we hadn't been writing for so long thought we were stupid and young to rush into a marriage when we hardly new each other, little did they know we knew each other very well. I love Travis so much more than ive ever loved anything. He is my whole life, and im so grateful for his choices in life, and im so grateful that he was able to beat his cancer and survive so that he could go on a mission and we could meet and get married. He is such a special person and i feel so honored to be in his life. Thank you babe for all that you do and continue to do.

I love you and hope that you have an amazing birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to Travis! I hope you guys were able to celebrate such a wonderful persons special day.

    You two are so awesome. My birthday wish for you is that you will continue to find goodness and pure happiness in each other.

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  3. I love this fairy tale!!! You need to make it really into a book and draw cute pictures of a prince and princess, then your kids can read a real fairy tale that happened to you!!! So glad that Travis is a part of our family!!! WE look forward to many more great birthdays to come! and looking forward to Christmas very much!!! Love you guys!!!