Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So last night was Glee's first night back for the season on Fox 13. I am a huge glee fan and have only missed one episode so far. I LOvE GLEE!!! last nights episode was great! i can't wait to see the next episode next Tuesday!!! to kinda sum up the episode for those who missed it, Mr Shoester and the councilor lady started dating and then she told him he needed to find himself first so they kinda broke up, Rachel and Finn were kinda dating til Finn said he didn't wanna date her, then she found the lead vocalist of the competition in the library and they are now dating but glee club thinks its a trap and kicks Rachel out of glee til she breaks up with him. The cheer coach Sue Silvester found a way to get her job back, so her plot to get rid of glee club is still forming. Finn realized that he really does wanna be with Rachel but she is still secretly dating Jesse ( the lead vocalist of the competing school) so she turns him down.and i think that sums up the episode, hope i didn't leave any key points out. here are my favorite quotes of the episode, enjoy.... " did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" "yeah its true!!"
" he didn't fall for any of my tricks, i didn't wear a bra and i asked them to turn the A/C up" ha ha oh boy gotta love that show!

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  1. i'm so glad you share the glee love and obsession!