Monday, April 19, 2010

silly husband!

OK so a few days ago, Trav comes home from work for his lunch break and says "I need you to come with me for something, but don't lock the door to the house cuz we wont be gone long." i said ok and didn't even bring my keys with me. He dropped me back off home after and he went back to work. I went to open the door, and it was LOCKED!!! i called him up and said, "Hey i thought we weren't locking the door, he told me he didn't and asked why did I lock it. i told him i didn't even have my keys so it had to have been him. he just laughed and told me he must have locked it out of habit. So, since it was such a nice day outside, i just sat down on the grass and waited an hour and 15 Min's for him to get home and let me in. it was so nice outside, not too hot because of the cool breeze. Trav got home and laughed when he saw me and said "Lets get you some water." i asked if i looked red and he told me my face was all red and my lips were white. Come to find out as i walked inside and looked at my reflection to find a LOBSTER. i NEVER burn or at least i never USED TO, i guess my body has gone through things it never had before and was changing, :S that, and i hadn't seen the sun in who knows how long, forever!!! But i am so so glad that spring is finally here and that the weather is beautiful and warm!!

Also that night i tried my sister in laws simple recipe for Shrimp Scampi. it turned out great! it was very yummy! Travis liked it which is a great thing cuz he is a picky eater most the time! so i was glad! i looked for ever to find chopsticks, i couldn't find any really nice re-usable chopsticks so i just bought the wooden ones at Wal-Mart. it was very fun! If you would like the recipe let me know!


  1. You are quite the cook. You made it look so pretty too! Travis looks pretty pleased as well.

  2. HAHAHA you burned!!! That NEVER happens!! The food looks yummy, I would love the recipe except I am the only one who likes shrimp over here.... LOVE YOU!!!