Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i cannot believe that me and Travis will be celebrating our 1 year ANNIVERSARY together this Sunday!!! is that crazy or what? Its crazy, we have been through so much together, things that make us stronger as a couple, things that make us appreciate each other more, and still learning and growing together!! I am truly the luckiest woman on this earth to have this amazing husband of mine i cant even explain it! I am so grateful to have him as my life long and eternal companion! A getaway this weekend is much needed and i am so excited for it! here are some pictures from the website that i stole of where we will be staying.
It is the Anniversary Inn, in salt lake, we are staying in the Swiss Family Robinson room and I'm so EXCITED!!! it looks awesome!!

the amazing jetta tub with a waterfall shower!! :)

the bed high in the trees!! its so cool!

this is the bed up in the trees and a tv across from it so we can watch movies in bed :)


  1. i love the anniversary inn! thats where we stayed the night of our wedding before our honeymoon. have fun!! :)

  2. sooo jealous!! that looks like lots and lots of fun girl!!

  3. Love your blog.. We have been wanting to stay at the anniversary inn.. you will have to blog about how it was.

  4. I can't wait unitl i get married so i can go there! ha! I am so lame! But all of those rooms look like SO much fun! :)

  5. Cute blog, hope you don't mind me blogstalking you a little bit. Feel free to do the same. Great to see you are doing well. Happy anniversary soon!

  6. it's so beautiful! congrats on your anniversary.