Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday was my amazing husbands 23rd birthday! i dunno why i was so excited for it but i was, i went out and bought streamers and balloons so i could decorate our living room for him, i even bought him a Birthday Boy pin from work! hahah just to embarrass him a little. :) Trav was supposed to work Thursday but he didnt feel like going in on his birthday and just used vacation time instead, which left me with NO TIME TO DECORATE! i had to think quick, so while he was sleeping that morning i got up early told him he couldn't get up till i came and got him and went and decorated our living room. hahah it was fun he tried to come out of the bedroom to go pee and i got mad at him cuz i didnt want him to see any of the decorations i was putting up, so he went back into the room and grabbed the ipod and started playing games on it, this is how i found him when i went to tell him he could go pee...

after that i had him put on his birthday boy pin and then i let him go downstairs :)

so after opening some of the little gifts i got him we went over to my moms house so she could give him his present from her and my dad, which was a rotating wall mount! he loved it he was so excited we went home and he put it up right away!!


Then after he had put up his mount we went birthday shopping for a few bigger presents. So he could get a few things that he really wanted.

We went to Fanzz in the mall, ( he loves that store) and got him some jay hawk shorts and a Cincinnati Bangles shirt! he loves the bangles... he has just liked them as a kid and hasnt changed his team. Then after going to Fanzz we went to Finish line where he got his favorite shoes, Nike airs. They are the most comfy shoes ive ever worn, and trav loves them, he has a black pair and now we got him a blue pair of shoes. ahah silly boy.

After we shopped around for a while we went and visited my family again so trav could ask my little brother about some ipod stuff. After we left there we went to Ruby River for his birthday dinner!!!!!! YUM!!! i love that place it was so good!!!

I had a great night with Trav on his birthday and i sure hope that he did too! i love you babe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

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