Sunday, January 9, 2011


So after much thought and about a week or so with my new little angel of a kitty we decided to call her Rue. We got the name from Hunger Games, all you fans of the books hope you appreciate her name as much as i do. And also because she pounces like a kangaroo when you move your feet under the covers in bed. She is so fun to have, and like any kinda pet or child she does have her devil days where she does exactly what i say not to do right after i say it.... but non the less she is adorable and i love her to death!
We recently went up to Kaysville to pick up a black and gray tabby that looks exactly like her so that Rue could have a friend. And she was free. Well now we know why she was free.... she is mean to our little Rue... and we dont like that... we are giving her a few more days or so to show she can be nice to our little angel, other wise she is gone.

Other than that not too much is going on right now.

I did get a new bed spread for my birthday which i love, i need to get some new sheets but those will come later. And we also got a big rug to cover up the stupid hopscotch. ( the family who lived her before us used ductape to make a hopscotch for their kids on the carpet, the sticky stuff wont come off.... so we have a permanent hopscotch on our living room floor....) we dont have the rug yet but we will get it Monday and ill be sure to post picks of it.
I also promise to update my blog more frequently :) Anyone who wants a beautiful black and grey tabby female who is already spayed let us know. she is definitely a one cat pet. We call her bellatrix hahah just cuz she is so mean to our Rue. but she really isnt too bad with people. i think the family we got her from were rough with her... they had little boys and im sure they tormented her. so she needs a loving home where she doesnt have to be mean to feel good.

My bedspread... its not the best picture

cutie pie Rue, she loves our bed

She has the bunkbeds all to herself, until visitors come then she plays with you all night

isnt she the sweetest!!! aww i love her! :)


  1. Um hello so happy to have stumbled across your blog!! You are too cute, and I'm jealous of your cat!! How fun. I hope you do blog more so I can stalk. :)