Monday, February 14, 2011

Pug Puppy and Valentines day(meaning this post will be mooshy)

So last Monday we found someone on KSL selling pug puppies in Springville.... so we actually went and bought their girl puppy!! she is such a little cutie let me tell you that! She was still drinking milk and was not potty trained. so within a week, we have slowly gotten her off milk and on to water ( she loves water) and she is almost fully potty trained!!! she is doing SO good!!! We couldn't think of what to name her and were having the hardest time. Me and Trav started looking online to see if we could find any names we liked... we found one that was Kona, which in Hawaiian means Spirit, or Spirited one... which fit her well... but we kept calling her Koda instead so we just switched it to that! :) Rue loves her! they play all the time and wrestle alot too! Rue does really well with being gentle with Koda, we are proud of her :) they are good friends already! here are some pictures of the new addition to our family.

Koda loves people, here she is taking a small nap with my sister Tori, who came to visit

Koda with daddy

Rue checking out her new sister :)

Today is valentines day!!! I love my Travis so much and cant imagine my live without him, he is my everything!! we are hoping to have some great news in a few days. We have a kitty baby, a dog baby, so now we are hoping for a human baby... if mother nature doesnt come before tomorrow we will take a test to find out... im hoping that this is the month... lately my heart has been doing weird things... you know how when you get nervous or excited you get that really heavy deep heartbeat? well mine has been doing that ALOT lately.. and i dont know why. im hoping that maybe its a sign of being pregnant... that maybe my heart is being weird because there is heartbeat growing in me... i dont know im hopeful so we shall see. Fingers crossed. What an amazing present for Valentines though right?!

Anyways i love my Husband dearly. Words cannot explain. I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!
I cant believe its almost been 2 years of Marriage... 2 1/2 months and we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary!!!! so crazy!

me and my baby!

we have so much fun together all the time!!! i love my goof ball!!
i love kissing him... :) who wouldnt

Our ugly sweaters...

Love my sporty man!!

goodness,... he is just so HANDSOME! :) im a lucky girl!


  1. rana your little pug is adorable!!!My sister had one just like it and now she has an all black one. It is precious. I love how hard they breath and when they start snorting hahaha it is so cute!

  2. Awww your puppy is so cute! Congratulations on getting her potty trained too! Hope you had a great Valentine's day!