Monday, February 21, 2011

death, nails, results

I found out late Friday night that my dear friend, teacher, and inspiration had died. My dance teacher Colleen Collins Smith passed away. This was terrible news that my little sister was telling me about on the phone while i was leaving the hospital from getting my blood drawn. I knew she was old and had been sick for a long time now, but i was still surprised that she was really gone now. Dance was officially dead to me... I danced with Colleen for only 8 years and went on a summer dance tour with the company to Florida but it felt like much more of my life then only 8 years. Im sad i didn't get to see her one last time before she left, Travis was telling me that she's better get started on teaching our little girls to dance while they are in heaven with her :) that made me smile! i love you Colleen and you will be missed by so many!!!

I got my nails done on Saturday!!!!! yay i love getting my nails done, its simple but it just makes me feel so much like a princess. i went with the traditional white tips this time and got an orange flower on my ring fingernails to represent spring coming and orange is Travis favorite color. I love them!!

Results from my blood test....
its funny because i was going to wait til Monday to go and do that but i called my OB/GYN to see what they thought since i had, had an eptopic pregnancy before. When i told them about that,they suggested i should go get a blood test if i had insurance. This call to the Dr was while Travis and i were taking a little mountain stroll. Travis suggested to not wait til Monday and go right then. I was all for it, i wanted to know as soon as possible!!!
want to hear the worst part. I got my blood drawn Friday at 5 pm my Dr's office closed at 4:30 and weren't open on Saturdays.... i had to wait all the way til Monday anyways!!!!
Well long story short, after much praying and pleading my monthly friend showed up late Sunday.... so i didn't really need to hear the results of my test, but i was hoping for a miracle... it was negative... nope not pregnant, just a week late, my period decided to play a mean trick on me this month.
So after i cried out my frustration i called my OB/GYN back and scheduled an appointment with the Dr to get started on fertility drugs.
Wednesday morning i will be going in to the doctor and not leaving until she gives me that prescription for fertility drugs, im tired of waiting, im finally using the help that is available for me.
We were so hopeful this was the month... it would have been just perfect... hopefully next month will be the winner.

these are my nails... :)


  1. Where do you get your nails done at they are so cute! Good luck at the doc by the way! Keep posting updates too wanna know how it going! My mom had similar problems and i'm scared i might have her genes! I wish you luck and tonz of success!

  2. Good luck Oriana, I hope everything works out!! I bet you'd have the CUTEST mini Oriana :)

  3. Aw, sorry about your teacher :( and that dang monthly unwelcoming visit. i do believe sometimes we need help from doctor's so i hope everything works out for you soon! you deserve it.

    cute nails by the way! i love them