Thursday, February 17, 2011


For now there really isn't any new news... i am now on day 32 when i only ever make it to day 29 (that is at least since i miscarried. that threw me off a bit but Ive been back on schedule for a long time now) i haven't felt any cramping at all, and normally when I'm about to start my kidneys get sore. I haven't felt anything from them. So i decided to take a pregnancy test on day 30, it came out NEGATIVE. So it leaves me hanging, waiting. Am i pregnant, or should i be waiting to start at any minute... as if 13 months isn't long enough for a simple pee stick to say, YES YOUR PREGNANT, NOW DO YOUR HAPPY DANCE!!! haha no since when is it ever that easy for me when it comes to getting pregnant, I'm being tested to see how patient and how badly i really want this baby. well don't you worry I'm gonna pass this test with flying colors :) if by next week nothing has changed, i think i will be going in for a blood test. I cant tell you how nervous i am right now. The last time i was this late, i was sick for a month with a massive infection growing in my abdomen. So if i eventually find out I'm not prego, then whats wrong?! but i am very positive this is the month! Fingers crossed everyone!!
As for my new little furry child, the pug Koda, she is still doing well with potty training. She tests her bounds every now and then and that's frustrating, but the reward of bacon treats after every time she goes in the right place is getting into her head! YES!! as for Rue, she is in heat again.... i gotta get her fixed its so frustrating.

Now to wait and pray and try to keep busy!! ill update as soon as anything changes!! :D

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