Thursday, February 3, 2011

in Heat!!!

Oh my goodness i cannot tell you how horrible it is to have my sweet little Innocent Rue in HEAT!!!! she is going crazy.... always got her butt in the air, always meowing and following you too closely that sometimes i accidentally step on her or kick her... just because she gets in the way when im walking. The poor thing rolls around the floor like she is dying... or has a really bad itch all over her body. HA its actually kinda funny but not cool at the same time... im not liking this. :S i took a small video of her so you can kinda get an idea of what the poor girls days are like. I think she needs a boyfriend :) you know to help her with her "itch"
Oh listen to this... so i was talking with my mother-in-law in my apartment and her little wiener dog Pepsi, who is a girl was in playing with Rue.. they get along most days and are good friends. i hear Rue hissing and meowing at the same time... so i look over to see her crawling out of the bedroom with her front half down on the ground and her butt high in the air with Pepsi ON TOP of her biting her neck and slobbering all over her trying to DO HER!!!! EWWWWW come on your both girls and one of you is a cat and the other a dog.... so for now they are grounded from seeing each other. A female dog was trying to rape my female cat.... hahah yuck!

So after we got home from our Idaho, snowmobiling trip, my parents went to Mexico for a nice tropical trip and asked if me and Travis would stay at the house a few days to keep an eye on the kids, make them dinner and that stuff. While we were there and trav was at work us girls decided to do some hair and makeup fun! :) i tried to do my hair kinda like Jennifer Nettles hair (lead singer in Sugarland) but it didn't work completely since i have an A line cut and she doesn't but it was kinda close... this is Jennifer Nettles and this is what id like my hair to look like :)

here are some pictures me and the girls took :) Tori did mine and her makeup and i did Cassie's eye make up and gave her mom bangs hahah they were awesome!!

haha this is our Big Eyes shot


Trying to show off my hair

me and tori doing a Vogue shot :)

Then nick came upstairs and we just started rocking out to music

singing and dancing to Katy Perry's Firework

Look at how tall nick is... he is 6ft 3in and hes only 15... he is a giant next to me!!!

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  1. your hair looks so cute! you guys crack me up hah, love the pictures.