Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i have found some new loves that i would just like to share with you!!

Brianna's poppy seed salad dressing, i LOVE this stuff on salads, especially with cubes of Swiss cheese in my salad :)

Loved this movie, soo so sooooo cute!!!!

i got this from on of my bridal showers 2 years ago and i just wanted to share this goodness with you this bubble bath is so amazing!! from Victoria Secret, Black Currant Vanilla

Hot bubble baths!!!

this is my guilty love... which i am hoping to soon be rid of, but its Mountain Dew Voltage, i love most anything that has raspberry in it!

This little guy!! Pascal from Tangled! so cute! i want one!

And this is heavenly~ i love this sandwich from Wendy's!! yum.... most of these are food i know, but still! :)

This weekend one of Travis' best buds from high school is getting sealed to his wife in St. George and we were lucky enough to be invited so we will be attending that joyous occasion.
Then the Monday after that, i will be going in to get my blood drawn to see and make sure that the dosage of chlomid is the right amount. right now im on 50mg. so we will see.
Also you may notice that my blog background has changed, i accidentally deleted my other one :( sad but i found this super cute one so i'm not too upset about it!! hope you like!
Anyways, that's it for now. :)


  1. RANA!!! THat is my favorite bubble bath too.. I BEG Ben to buy me more..it is just amazing