Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Currently favorite song

Every time i hear this song on the radio i smile, turn it up way loud and sing along with it.... its just a good song.
-Plain White T's : Rhythm of Love

haven't heard it, YouTube it.

Everyone is in love with Adele's Rollin in the deep, and i love it too but i think I'm liking this one better :)

Also i know this song has been out for a while but the music video is just awesome... watch it!
Sugarland-Stuck like glue.

Also i don't know why but my face has just decided to blow out in zits, " They just popped out of the snow, like DAISIES!!" -Walt Disney's, Mulan
so i cut myself some shorter side bangs to keep them hidden while i do everything to rid of the unwanted guests. But i like the way i cut them i think it was much needed, they were getting TOO long.
Also i need you all to hold me to this, I DO NOT WANT TO CUT MY HAIR AGAIN UNTIL IT IS THE LENGTH IT WAS WHEN I GOT MARRIED!!!! ok :) not that i don't love short hair, i do but its been 2 years since if had my long curly locks and i would like to get them back if even just for a while and then i decide to cut it all of again. i at least want to make it back to its original long length :) so please help me keep to this goal!
Thank you!!

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