Monday, April 25, 2011

3rd months the charm?, for emotions??

I have just finished taking my fertility pills for month number 3 now, and i must say this month they had an effect on my mood.... wanna know how i knew that? ha its kinda sad.
A few nights ago me and Travis were watching Beauty and the Beast in bed before we went to sleep, and at the end when beast dies i almost started to cry but stopped myself in time before any real tears fell. but it didnt stop there, no i almost started crying at the end when Belle and her prince are dancing in the ballroom..... really? why?! I honestly dont know... haha its only been the good kind of mood change, like the sensitive kind, not the moody, awnry one second happy go lucky the next. just the kind when im watching a movie or in real life when a sensual moment comes up i get kinda choked up.... :) funny right. haha

OK as to an update on house hunting, all of the ones i posted are short sales and have multiple offers in already or.... the bank is just foreclosing them and not showing the house anymore :( so we have started looking at a few of the others we liked.
we did find one that we love, its a cute little starter home close to RC Willey which is really nice cuz that will save us on gas money. We put an offer in and are waiting to hear back.
Finals are finally done on Wednesday for Trav! yay i cannot wait for school to be out for the summer!!!!

This week i get to play mom to 3 teenagers ( my younger siblings) while the real parents are in California soaking up the sun :( wished i was there. i need a vacation, but since we are trying to buy a house, ya that probably wont happen for quite some time sadly.

and thats it for now.....
sorry this ones boring.

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