Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Animal Videos

our little pug sure does love to be crazy and energetic. I am ALWAYS saying "oh Koda i cant wait till you get old and fat and do nothing but cuddle!!!" Because she is sooo crazy. but that's why we love her too. To help exhaust her and let her release some energy we take her to the park close by our house. i took a little video. Please ignore my stupid voice, and lame commentary and just focus on the cute little pug running. ok?

This next video is a little older, but i wanted to post it so you could see how playful and cute our little Neytiri is, this was at our place in springville, and yes the cuts are me stopping the video to tell koda to leave them alone.

Neytiri loves to play in empty soda boxes, or any box for that fact, she is such a funny loving, spirited cat. we love all our little furry children.

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  1. Your dog is SOOO cute! Her and Crosby would be best friends!