Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was going to be polite about it and not say anything about it, but since she brought it up first, hey, I'm fine to tell my side. As most of you know my little sister has been living with Travis and I for about 2 months. Let me just add this was only to be temporary and not long term. I am not ready at 21 to be a mother to an 18 year old. When sister only 3 years older gets married and moves out, it is not healthy for little sister to move in. Leave it at that. Not that we don't love her, because we do. But because of constant rule breaking and too much stress on our marriage, we decided the best thing for everyone was to have her find somewhere else to live. Its not like she has no where to go, she has been offered to live in Texas and California. So in no way are we kicking her to the curb. With that out of the way, it has been so nice to have my house and my husband back to the way its supposed to be, pleasant, and not sneaking around or having to be quiet in the middle of the day. Life is a little less stressful and it feels amazing. I know that mine and Travis' decision is the best, we are not the first in our family to have a family member life with them and their spouse and discover it doesn't work. My brother and his wife had her brother live with them, same situation as mine and Trav, it didn't work so he needed to move out. I love my sister and hopefully she will get over her anger of us making her move and we can become friends again, but i am not a mother, babysitter, landlord, or cook for an 18 year old. I am her sister.

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  1. Haha, I found this very funny, but I do feel bad for Tori! It's part of growing up, finding somewhere to live on your own. :) Hopefully she finds a good place and does well!