Monday, August 29, 2011

new stuff!

So when we moved into our house we didn't have a washer and dryer, well we did, but Travis' mom has them so we have been without our own washer and dryer, which has been hard. We have been going to a Laundromat to wash our clothes and it really isn't too bad its just a little pricey... because we wait so long we have like 6 loads of clothes to wash and because the place is trying to earn money you have to dry your clothes like 3 times with hardly anything in the dryer... it sucks it was costing us about $20 every time we went to wash our clothes... not fun.

Thankfully we will be getting our very own very new washer and dryer from good 'ol R C Willey, oh the perks of having my husband be a manager there! i love it! :)

The washer and dryer we will be getting!

Also we have been without couches for 4 months or so... maybe 5. We sold them to earn more money for our down payment on our house and were going to buy new ones right after but things come up and the less important stuff gets pushed back on hold. I am in no way complaining at all about this! Well finally we are getting couches also!! YAY, we have had these couches picked out for a while now, they aren't the prettiest looking couches. We are all about the comfort. This sectional is so dang soft and feels like a teddy bear its amazing... i want to fall asleep on them every time i sit on them in the store, heavenly. :) its so great.

Anyways that's about the only new thing going on right now! :)

Our super comfy sectional. :)

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