Friday, October 7, 2011

small project

I feel pretty good about these last 2 posts having pictures in them :) granted the last posts' picture was from google, it was at least a picture. Last Saturday i decided to do a little paint project, nothing big but something fun that would take a little bit of time.
This little night stand has been in my family forever!! i think its original color was creme or maybe white, but it went through red, lavender, turquoise and now a mustard yellow ish. had the paint been in good condition i would have left the color cuz i liked it and it went well with my living room but Koda decided it was at good biting range and decided to chew off the paint... grr but what else do you expect from pups? Luckily i had this yellow paint that my mom gave me when she moved. So i painted. I must say i do like the yellow so much better than the blue that it was before, it just looks better in the house.


Before with Kodas lovely chewing marks

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  1. It's so fun to make things fit into your house. I love little projects like this that make you smile. Great Job!!!! Love you !!!!