Monday, October 31, 2011


(ewww.. no this is not the actual picture, i stole this from google. just to give you an idea)

So the other day me and Travis woke up, went and did a little grocery shopping and then realized we hadn't eaten. This is very rare for me since the first thing i do in the morning after putting my contacts in, is eat cereal. So needless to say i was starving, all i wanted was a bagel sandwich from Burger King but it was 12 and breakfast was over :( ha ha i was so mad, but then Travis suggested we just go to Denny's since it was right by our house. I was so excited it had been forever since id had a breakfast like this!!! We got there and i ordered an Ultimate Omelet, when we finally got our food i was so excited i just dove right in, and then about half way through it i noticed a long black curly hair in the middle of my omelet.... yeah SICK!!!!!! i was so mad cuz i was not even close to being full from my food. We told our waitress and explained that we understand it happens but i didn't want another omelet, she apologized and said she would comp the meal but in the end didn't and we were ok with that it was only a few dollars but man will i never go to Denny's again. I have never had that happen to me ever. So now i feel a need to finish this omelet that i never got to finish... So i am determined to go to the Village Inn or to Ihop to fill that void, sometime this week... hahah oh man.

Anyways, Travis' birthday is this FRIDAY!! man time flies by when you have alot of things going on in life.... i cant believe that today is Halloween either! with work, remodeling our house, and grandpas funeral and all that stuff we completely forgot and are totally unprepared :( so sad, but our first Halloween in our own home will not be the most memorable one, since we don't have any decorations even up, but at least we have candy to pass out. Now to figure something out for Travis' birthday :S oh boy... that's all for me today!

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