Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Loving Memory....

A great man passed away this last Sunday. Vern Wood Taylor, Travis' grandfather passed away peacefully in the Utah Valley Hospital. Vern was 90 years old and lived a very full life. I didn't know him for long but in the 3 years i did know him i felt like id known him my whole life. He was such a sweet old man, always made you feel right at home and always had the best stories. for the 6 months that Travis and i lived below him we bonded more. As we went to the hospital Sunday to say our good byes Travis went to give him a big long hug and then after i gave grandpa one last hug he wouldn't let me go. He just held my hands tight and rubbed them on his face for a while and then just held them by his chest and woldnt let me go. After about 5 min. of this he looked at Travis and winked. Shortly after that he started feeling pain in his chest so Travis and his dad along with a few others in the room gave him a blessing to not be afraid and that he could go peacefully. But before they even started as they were all standing around him grandpa asked, "Where is Travis, is Travis there?" He sure did love his Travis. After the blessing the nurse gave him morphine and an anxiety medicine to help him relax after about an hour and a half of watching him sleep he was gone. This is a happy thing for him since he has been without his sweetheart for 17 years, but it was so sad for all of us to lose him. i found out after we left the hospital that Grandpa had told Travis while he was hugging him that he was gunna send our kids down here real quick so we wouldn't have to wait anymore :) this made me cry harder, the thought that our kids will never get to know this great man on earth. But it was time, and im glad he is finally now at rest and with the love of his life, we love you Grandpa Taylor and we will see you again. Your stories and memories will live on through your kids, grand kids and great grand kids. xoxo RIP Vern Wood Taylor.


  1. The part about him sending down your kids just made me bawl. That is beautiful! I'm sure he is playing with them right now before sending them down.

  2. I agree with Natasha, They may not get to know him here but he will hold them and play with them up in heaven before sending them down here to you and Trav. I miss him a lot already but I know he's in a better place!