Monday, October 17, 2011


Yesterday Travis' cousin and best friend Brock got home from his mission and had his homecoming yesterday. It was so fun going up to Tooele and seeing him and his family again! Being up there made me realize how much family means to me, i love family get togethers and just talking and catching up, it was so fun. It made me miss my family and our big get togethers very much.

When we got home from Tooele i decided i was going to make banana bread since i had some bananas that would work perfectly for it. I had gotten a recipe from my sister a few days earlier. It was so fun to bake for the first time in our new home especially since Travis was home to enjoy it with me. The bread turned out perfectly!! It was so yummy.

Anyways that's all i got for now!!

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  1. I miss our Sunday get togethers too! At least you have Travis' family. I don't feel too bad stealing you all those days!!!! Love you!!! Miss you guys!!