Saturday, May 1, 2010

1 YEAR!!!!

I honestly cannot believe that Travis, and I have been married a year from tomorrow! In all reality it feels like ive been married to him my whole life, just because if feels so, natural, so real! I think back to before i met him and think how did i ever do it, I am so greatful for my loving, amazing husband he is my world, i love him like a fat kid loves cake!! we have been through so much this past year, here is a list;
* Went to Hawaii
* i cut my hair short for the first time ever!!
* Went to Wyoming for a family reunion.
* ended up in the hospital after a month of being sick to lose my appendix and my right fallopian tube.
* Got pregnant
* Miscarried
* Bought 165 movies
* bought 2 Flat screens
* bought a king size bed
* went to the sand dunes and rode 4 wheelers
* Learned to do a front flip off a tramp to a pad! (sad that im just learning i know)
* went to friends weddings.
* Got a puppy
* Re visited the temple many times
* had siblings sealed
* had nephews born
* experienced holidays and birthdays as a married couple.
* bought a GIANT painting that i LOVE!!
* Bought a Scooter
* Sold the Scooter
lived, laughed and loved together, we have been through so much together. With out the love of my life, i wouldnt be the same, LIFE wouldnt be the same, he has helped me to become a better person to love and to grow as a person and to not just stop and cry at every little bump in the road and for his strong spirit and faith i am thankful!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABE!! i honestly cant wait to see what this new year brings for us!!

Recorded my the youngest sister; Cassie de Hoyos sorry if they are long or sideways... :S


  1. COngrats and I love the video!! I didn't think he was going to tell you where you were going before!! I hope you guys have so much fun! I love you both and can't wait to see you in a month!!

  2. Wow, I love the sky in that second picture!! Where was it? And you guys look so cute. Time sure flies by. This year will be even better, it keeps getting better!

  3. Andrea, he wasnt going to but he got so excited that he just told me anyways. :)
    Dana, that picture was taken in Hawaii oahu on sunset beach :)