Friday, June 18, 2010

it keeps getting better.....

ok someone explain to me this, how does someone who doesn't leave the golf cart the whole time we are there end up being the only one to lose something?????? Yesterday for my sister-in-laws birthday she came down from Tooele and wanted to go golfing, because i had rolled my ankle the day before i didn't feel to much like golfing so i was the golf cart driver, (which hey, i had no problem with that :D) So after we finished golfing the 9 holes we got in the car and started off to dinner. We get out of the car to go in and get seated at the spaghetti factory when i reach for my phone in my back pocket....... AND IT ISN'T THERE!!!! i checked all through my purse we had everyone call it to see if it had fallen out in the car and it was no where to be seen or heard!! so poor Trav drove all the way back to Cascade to try and find my phone. It was no where to be seen and when he got back to the golf course he said the sprinklers were on..... :( my phone is history! and I'm so mad cuz i loved my phone!!!!! GRRRR i never ever have EVER lost my phone I'm always real good with knowing where it is or putting it in my purse or whatever and now its GONE!!!!!! goodness my luck just isn't the best this week!!!! why?! i dunno but i wanna know why I'm being punished.... Ha anyways. yesterday my ankle was huge, bigger and more ugly than the pics i posted but luckily today the swelling is down a little and i am walking on it much better :D so that's a positive thing. But if anyone tries to get a hold of me i don't have my phone so the only way to contact me is Online or through Travis' phone until we can get me another one :(:( hahah oh boy,


  1. hey! yeah we'd love to see you! i'll be in utah this whole next week and nick gets there on saturday. we probably wont leave until the 8 or 9th of july so we should have time! i'll email you my number on fb then you can text me or something =)

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