Friday, June 4, 2010

ugh neck pain

I don't know why but for about a week or so i have had just a terrible neck pain! i thought it might be from sleeping on my neck weird but i have never had it last so long!! its just so annoying its not excruciating pain its just the annoying type of pain. The kinda that makes you feel like BLAH. I just hope it goes away soon. I dunno if the neck pain is related but i could NOT sleep last night :S i was tossing and turning and burning up and then freezing and having weird dreams as if i was sick. hahah weird i know! But because i didn't really sleep well last night i tried to sleep in a little bit and now i feel a little too over rested.grr.
i just hope this stupid pain in my neck goes away soon, that would be nice!
Oh i highlighted my hair, its bright, and hasn't been this bright for a LONG time, and because of that i kinda wanna go even more blonde..... :S just for fun, change, and summer. I'm still pondering on that thought. ill post pictures when i decide. Ha well that's all for now! TTFN


  1. As soon as Nate comes out he can help you out with the neck pain!! But that won't be til July... At least you will have me and the kids there in just ONE WEEK!!!! Can't wait to see you!!! luv ya sis!!!