Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny Hunny

Ok so i know i just blogged yesterday but this needs to be shared with the world cuz i thought it was hilarious! Yesterday Travis had a softball game for RC Willey at 7, boy oh boy was it beautiful weather for them to play and have me sit and watch in complete comfort with the warm sunny weather. It was beautiful. Unfortunately they lost, but they played a good game. After Travis game we saw my friend Leah and her husband Andrew over on the field diagonal from us so we went to watch his game. Well turns out they were short a few guys and asked Travis to play. So i went and sat with Leah waiting for the game to begin, when Andrew comes out of the men's bathroom and says "Hey Oriana! i think your hubby just ran into the girls bathroom!" I just laughed and said are you sure? next thing you know we all look over to the bathrooms and here comes Trav jogging out of the girls bathroom and into the men's next door! hahahahahah i dunno why but i laughed so hard he is such a dork, but such a cute dork!! of course he didn't hear the end of it from Andrew all night and i gave him a hard time too! it was just funny seeing him almost bump a girl while running out of the girls bathroom. I just wanted to share that because i love my goofy husband and all the funny things he does, whether he means to do them or not! :) I sure do love you Travis Allen Taylor!!!
Forever and Always babe!

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