Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clumsy can be painful!

I have never broken a bone, hardly ever get hurt, and what happened to me yesterday, i don't even know how it happened. Yesterday morning Travis comes to wake me up to tell me our downstairs had flooded boy was that joyful news to wake up to. So Travis took the day of yesterday to clean it up, we went to maceys and rented a rug doctor to clean it up, well we had rented the darn thing for the whole day so we thought we might ask my family if anyone needed to use it while we had it. We brought it over to my moms house and cleaned out my sisters car. 3 days in the car with 3 little kids can get messy so we thought we'd help her out :) well as we finished that Travis had unplugged the extension cord from the house and it was just sitting on the porch, my sister was sitting on the other side of the porch talking with her husband and Travis was putting back together the car. I went to step around the cord and around my sister, clumsily not really paying much attention to what i was doing, just kinda flopping my feet around, i stepped down from the porch step and stepped right at the end of the cement and twisted my ankle did a full turn and apparently from my sister who had front row seats did a few more spins and then finally landed on my back, it took everything in my not to scream!!! instead my sister did it for me!!! i just cried and to my rescue Travis, Andrea my sister and my mom all came to my side, boy did i feel like an idiot! it has been since the 7th grade since i twisted my ankle like this, thankfully it isn't as bad as back in the 7th grade, i had landed on the side of my ankle at dance while in kick line when someone pulled me of center and i came down on my foot wrong. thankfully Yesterdays roll wasn't as bad it just got swollen and supper sore. but boy do i feel stupid!! he are some pictures of my big ankle!!

ya pretty nasty, looks like i have cankles..... ewww..... hahah its wierd how it just swelled up and didnt bruise.


  1. Ouch! I hope the swelling goes down soon...cankles are the worst! haha It was good seeing you today! :)

  2. ow! keep it elevated and use hot and cold pads on it. i'm sorry, those are the worst. one time i sprained my ankle at big show rehearsals on stage. not fun at all. hope you feel better soon!