Monday, January 31, 2011

Snowmobile trip to Island Park

Last Thursday we went on a trip with Travis "Second Family" The Willis (For those of you who don't know who they are, Travis lived with them for a year in high school and their son Ryan Willis is one of Travis best friends) up to Island park for a snowmobile weekend!! it was a BLAST!!! Man it was so much fun and the weather so perfect!!
Unfortunately about 5 miles away from our cabin on the first day, the truck that Scott and Gayle, (Ryan's mom and dad) were driving hit some black ice and their car lost control and they slammed into the 5 foot snow pile on the side of the road. Thankfully no one was hurt, the truck got a little dinged up from the trailer swinging around and hitting both sides of the truck and denting it. But luckily insurance would cover it all! We finally got to the cabin and it was amazing!! it was huge and just so nice! it even had a grill and hot tub on the deck!
Our first day out on the snowmobiles we went on a 4 hour drive!!! man it was so fun and i didn't become freezing till the last hour... :) hahah but we drove all around and went up into Wyoming and went all the way up to Two Tops. I have never seen anything so AMAZING having to do with snow than this view at the top of Two Tops. It was like being at Goblin Valley but instead of the weird red rock formations it was GIANT white snow monsters.... they were trees but you couldn't see any tree... just tons of snow covering those trees. i sadly didn't bring my camera with me and if i had i dunno if i would have been able to take pictures, it was FREEZING up there and the wind was blowing so hard. so i stole some pics people took off google! so you could at least get an idea of what i saw!! it was amazing!
We got back to the cabin had some delicious chili and then got into the hot tub to warm ourselves back up!
Day 2 out on the snowmobiles we drove another 4 hour drive up to the upper Mesa Falls in Idaho it was also very beautiful there too, i did bring my camera for that one, unfortunately i didn't think it was as amazing and beautiful as the sight id seen the day before, but non the less still beautiful! I drove the snowmobile the whole way back to the cabin and that was awesome, the thing is so big and heavy it was kinda hard to steer and control especially with Travis sitting on the back but i managed and got us back safely :) piece of cake!
That night the Willis decided to take us all into West Yellowstone and take us to eat at the Three Bears restaurant. There i had my first taste of Bison. it was pretty good a little chewy but very tasty.
All in all we had a BLAST. We got lots of snowmobiling in and hot tub time, it was the perfect winter get away! Thank you Willis family for inviting us along!! We traveled back home with no problems at all. Sadly i didn't take too many pictures because i was having so much fun i often forgot my camera and two because it was so cold i didn't wanna take off my gloves to snap a picture. but here are a few i did take, and some of Two Tops i stole off Google :) enjoy!

Lizzy, Ryan, Gayle, Me, Trav, Sarah
dont make fun of how fat my face looks :S

i had to take a pic of how high the snow was piled

our group snowmobiling

me and Travis :)

Trav going solo for a bit so he could do crazy tricks and go really fast

me and Trav again at Mesa Falls... again my face looks chubby :S

it was insane how much snow was there!!!

Two Tops... it really looked like this it was amazing!!

P.S. Rue was not happy that we left her alone for 4 days. When we got home she was so mad she was telling us off for sure! She sounded hoarse as if she had been meowing for the whole 4 days. But she quickly got over it and cuddled with us all night. :) silly kitty

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