Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 years of marriage

Monday was mine and Travis' 2nd anniversary!! its so crazy that it has already been 2 years but at the same time it feels like it has been so much longer, almost like I've been married to him my whole life.
Anyways for our anniversary we went up to Salt Lake and stayed at the Anniversary Inn, Mysteries of Egypt was the room we stayed in, it was awesome. We went up Sunday after sacrament since we got a free early check in, we didn't wanna miss out. I love going up there and just getting away from life, no phone calls no worries just lots of hot bubble baths in their huge jetted tubs, junk food, pizza, movies. you get the point its just so nice to relax and not have to worry about ANYTHING!!!
Then on Monday, our actual anniversary we came home and did a little bit of shopping around. Trav spoiled me big time i wasn't planning on getting anything, the room was enough for me, plus those rooms are pretty pricey. But Trav took us to the mall and we window shopped around a bit until we saw a shoe sale at Forever Young. Buy one pair of boots get the second pair FREE!!!! so basically i got 2 new cute pairs of boots for only $25 i know summer is almost here and i wont get to wear them much but i will have them ready for me once fall comes :) Then he also bought me a real cute pair of shorts ive been wanting for a while. i haven't taken any pics of the shoes or shorts yet, but i will soon and then ill post them! i did however take pictures of our room at the Anniversary Inn.... here they are! :)

This was above the bed

the table and all our junk food we brought...

apple cider :)

these cool stairs leading up to the bed

bathroom sink...

the O so wonderful jetted tub, its bigger than it looks


we may be a little bit dorky...

these guys were on both sides of the bed... it was pretty cool.

For those of you who have not been here i would very much recommend it. Not only do they give you Apple Cider, and cheesecake for free but they also have a great breakfast that is delivered whenever you want it!! we had such a good time! its sad that it ends too soon!
love you babe, happy 2 years, i look forward to the many more to come!!


  1. we've never stayed at the anniversary inn but i cant wait for when we do! i love looking at all of the pictures of the rooms online! ha i'm obsessed!! i heard its awesome. i love b & b's. :) we stayed at one our wedding night for 2 days and then one on our 2nd anniversary! so much fun! looks like a blast!

  2. Fun! You guys are like old folks being married for 2 years! :) Happy Anniversary!

  3. So fun!!!! Happy anniversary! Can't believe we have been married for that long!