Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 13

What?! 2 posts in 2 days!!! Not sure how often this will happen but its a good start :D
 Alright so update on my life aka IVF. We had a Dr.s appointment today and the follicles are looking great!! we had a 20,  and some 15,14,13's and one 9. The nurse said about the 20 "dang that kids going to be able to hold its own" ha ha because its stealing all the hormones :D it made me smile to think that, that follicle could be my child. The Dr said things are looking good i have one more day of the 4 doses Repronex and 3 more days of the Antagon.
We have another appointment tomorrow at 11 to check up on the follicles again and this time get some blood work, TTHHEENNNN hopefully two days after that we will have our egg retrieval!! So Saturday i could possibly be getting my eggs taken out and fertilized!!! ahhh so exciting, that's if everything checks out and looks the way he wants it to tomorrow!! fingers crossed and lots more praying ha ha!
Oh man this road to pregnancy sure hasn't been easy by ANY means but i know that once we finally get our little angel or angels (fingers crossed id like two) it will have been well worth it!

Alright well that's all the update i have for now, i will hopefully post again tomorrow with what happens at my appointment!

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