Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Egg Retrieval and Transfer date

So yesterday was my Egg Retrieval and i didn't sleep well at all that night!! I had nightmares that they just put me on gas like at the dentist and i was freaking out saying "IM AWAKE IM AWAKE DON'T DO IT YET!!!" ya so i didn't sleep well at all.
We got into the office at 8:40 and did a quick ultra sound to make sure that the eggs were still there and they were. So we went back into their OR room, the Anesthesiologist, the nurse, the Embryologist, and my Dr all made me feel so comfortable even though i was nervous it was amazing!
They told me that i should wake up quickly after they were done, well come to find out i didn't wake up until 45 min after they were already done!!! Travis said that all of them, the Anesthesiologist, the Embryologist, my Dr, and the Nurse all came in throughout that 45 min and just laughed because i was still asleep, saying she must not have slept well last night!!
I woke up and had no pain but light spotting. I was SUPER dizzy though and needed help to walk out haha.
They gave me my first progesterone shot and surprisingly with the bigger needle it didn't hurt any worse but let me tell ya a few hours after i was SO SORE!!! my whole left side felt like i had worked out super hard the day before and was sore! So they told me to massage it when its sore and that walking helped it to not ache so much!
They were able to get 7 eggs! 7!!!! which was so exciting because it was a possibility just 2 days before that there might only be 2 so 7 was great news!!!

So the Embryologist just called me today and told me that he fertilized 5 of the matured eggs and that all of them took really well and were fertilized! We go in for our Egg Transfer on Wednesday at 10 am and he said something about us getting to choose which eggs we wanted back in, guess we will see what that's all about Wednesday ! Have i mentioned that i am so excited for this!! We could be pregnant this week!!!! AHHHH :D

I'm a little bummed that our appointment isn't tomorrow, Tuesday just because i am so excited, but Wednesday will come soon enough! And that is about all for now!! i will for sure write more on Wednesday after we get the Egg Transfer :D wish us luck!!!

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  1. So happy for you. You will be in my prayers. I have a good feeling about this time :-) ~ Alissa Taylor