Thursday, January 24, 2013

One day more!

Haha my title makes me think of the song from Les Miserables :D

Alright so had My Dr's appt today and things aren't where he wants them to be just yet so we did a blood test to see if my hormones are high enough to start getting ready for Egg Retrieval Saturday, but there is a chance that there would only be 2 eggs big enough and ready to fertilize so he is hoping my levels are still low enough we can do one more day of repronex increasing our 2 egg possibility to 6 egg possibility :)
So Travis and I went home eager to hear the results of our blood test so we can see whats next, and we are doing ONE more day of the repronex and then I'm guessing Sunday we will be doing our Egg Retrieval. We have another Dr's appt tomorrow morning and i think that is when he will let us know a for sure on the date for Egg Retrieval :) 
Its all so exciting and at the same time, very tiring, I'm exhausted. We have gone to the Dr's office Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Friday of this week.... maybe we should move in? :) hahah jk i don't mind it one bit!
But hey i did pretty good 3 posts in 3 days is pretty good!! I'm pleased with myself! 
Well maybe i can keep this going and update you tomorrow after my appointment to keep you up to date. 
Bye now!

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