Friday, January 25, 2013

Egg Retrieval!!

Dr's appt went well this morning things are looking good! He said there is about 5 eggs that he can see that look good and ready maybe even more so that was very exciting for us to hear!
We have scheduled our Egg Retrieval for this Sunday at 9:00 am!! ahhh how exciting is that!? i have to be honest i'm kinda freaking out that its all finally here and that things are actually starting to work out for us!
Wow we cant wait.
So tonight i was instructed to take my ovadryl and HCG shots tonight at 9:30 pm!
Then tomorrow after 10 pm i am not allowed to eat or drink anything in preparation for going under anesthesia, which im psyching my self out about, i'm nervous for that part! Also i think i get a day of rest from injections which will be a nice break since after that ill have to start daily progesterone injections!!
But ya that is our super exciting news for the day :D more will soon to follow im sure! Thanks for reading!

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