Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad weather!

BBRRRRR on this cold rainy, windy, dreary day i am so very thankful for
-Warm soup
-Big Blankets
-Fuzzy socks
-A Cuddly warm husband
-A roof over our heads to keep us dry and warm
-And string cheese and goldfish!! :)
I dont mind the weather we are having right now, because there isnt any actual snow, and im happy about that, give me freezing winds and cold showers as long as the snow holds off just a little longer :)
Trav came home the other day with a cold, :S you know what that means, yup, you got it, or actually i got it! :) ha i now have a cold. I thought for sure i was gunna win out and skip getting his cold i was taking vitamins, drinking emergen-C keeping bundled up and staying warm. But i guess when your husband drinks out of milk cartons and juice bottles when he is sick, there really isn't anything you can do, right!! His excuse and defence about that is "Sorry, I forgot i was sick!" ahah really!? Boys that's all i gotta say! Anyway I'm just glad its a little sniffle and nothing too bad, colds are the worst, so I'm just gunna tackle this thing while its young so it doesn't get any worse than the sniffles :) Stay healthy everyone

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