Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Hair!!! :D

I finally got my hair colored today!!!! YAY!!!! My hair had started to fade to an orange color and i was not liking it, i like the dark hair.

So today Trav was going to UVU to work out some things with school and i had my lovely mother color my hair for me! And i L.O.V.E the way it turned out!!! :) i chose a medium brown and mixed it with a color called black cherry!! The black cherry is a black color with the tint of purplish red to it, put it together and what do you get, bibbity bobbity boo... jk i think it turned out great! Anyways we had to hurry and do that this morning cuz i had to be to work at 12 today, so i drop trav off at work and headed to hobby lobby, well today is our freight day so when i walked in to see no boxes i was a little confused, as i went to clock in they were having a meeting with the manager. Here is what happened. Our trucks hadn't come due to some construction on I90 i think, that or it was closed down, and the truck wasn't going to get here until tonight, so they sent me home, saweet!! :) except for now my new fabulous hair is pinned up in a bun and i dont feel like taking the time to do it today, so i dont have any good pics of it, but i will post pictures of my hair down when i actually style it nice. haha

Its funny how dying your hair just makes you feel so good! Well i dunno about you but it sure does make me feel good!

Also, if you have not smelled the SJP NYC perfume it is to die for!!! In my opinion of course. i absolutely LOVE the stuff!!! So i am going to buy it tomorrow for my birthday! :) im so excited, it smells SOOOOO good!

before, with my orangish hair... this isnt a very good pic.

After, with my new color, this is a terrible pic for seeing the color i promise ill put a better one up later.

Also hair styles i miss, that i once had...

I miss my long long hair!!

I miss my awesome purple!!


  1. Sooo cute! Thats the exact color i dye mine! I love the black cherry with brown. It looks so cute and it still looks good all done up!

  2. I love the new color! So cute on you!

  3. Long time not talky! Just hopped onto your blog and I LOVE your hair color And YES I miss your long hair to! Remember when I got so mad at you on facebook for cutting it! LOL! But you are so beautiful darling you can get away with any cut:) Hey stay in touch K!!!