Friday, November 26, 2010

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To start off, let me just say that i love my family!! All of them! Thanksgiving was great, it was hosted by my grandpa and grandma de Hoyos this year because my moms kitchen is currently in construction.... its crazy. Thanksgiving morning we started up the morning for our yearly tradition, cutting down our Christmas tree on thanksgiving and bringing it home.... well this year thats not really how it played out. There was so much snow up in the mountains that Trav and i got stuck in the snow, even with the four wheel drive and dragging a trailer to kinda help us out the sun was out to get us and we drove right into a big pile of snow off the side of the road... haha no worries we had plenty of big strong men there to help us out. After we finally got the car out and made a nice snow packed parking space we just got out and played around on the snowmobile Trav had borrowed from his dad and played around on that. My brother and his brother-in-law had brought their snowboards and my parents brought sleds. The temp. that morning up in the mountains was -13 degrees.... it was FREEZING and going fast on that snowmobile didnt make it any warmer. But man what a blast it was riding on that thing! There was a road going up by where we parked so we would use the snowmobile to drag sledders or snowboarders up and let the snowboarders off to ride down, while dragging the sledders down behind the snowmobile, it was lots of fun.

Trav pulling Dylan
Tori not ready to com out into the cold..
getting all bundled up
Aww mom and dad, (Nana and Pa)

Tori, me, and trav, the dork not looking at the camera, going on a snowmobile ride!! brrrr ( the helmet was amazing, i didnt feel ANY wind on my face!!)

Sadly because we got stuck so far down we didnt make it to any place close of having Christmas trees. :( So we left without one, and are trying to decide now if we want a fake one, or go back up and try to cut one down.... im opting for the fake tree....

Trav taking Marisa and Cassie on a ride while pulling Nick and Tc on snowboards behind

Marisa wearing the helmet haha

Cassie, Marisa, Travis

There are so many things that i am grateful for that to list them all on this post would take far too long. I am just so grateful for all that i have and all that i have learned and gone through in my almost 21 years of life... :) I have learned lots and keep learning everyday. I know that there is a special plan for all of us and that everything happens for a specific reason, and that we may never really know that reason.... oh how i wish that the right time would be my time.... i still long to get pregnant. And this month i am actually going to go to the hospital and finally have that test done on my tube to make sure its not closed off... then hopefully we can progress in the direction of me having a baby.... i just cant wait for it to happen anymore, it almost been a year since the miscarriage and i dont wanna just sit back and wait any longer, i want that blessing of parenthood.

But as for right now i am grateful for how much time me and Travis get to share with each other, we have such a great relationship, and marriage because of how close we are and that comes with how much time we get to be with each other to enjoy one another and just have fun with life. And i am so very grateful to have him right beside me to go through all our struggles together. November is the month of being thankful and realizing what your thankful for, Travis was born in November, and i couldn't be thankful for anything more than Travis!! :D i love you so much babe!!!

On another note, i am very happy to be decorating and preparing for Christmas this year!!! However, i am NOT a fan of black Friday, or working on black Friday.... i surely do not like the big crazy crowds, its not worth it to me.... i cant believe Christmas is almost here already!!! Also im turning 21 in December!!!!! how crazy is that!? :) i love it! Now, what do i get Travis for Christmas....? Does anyone have ANY good ideas on gifts for husbands.... they are so difficult to shop for. Or is that just me?

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