Wednesday, November 10, 2010

horray for a 4 day weekend!!!!

Man i am so happy that i get to have a 4 day weekend!!
i got the weekend off because Travis' brother is getting married Friday in Tooele. So it was a pretty good excuse for me to get Thursday Friday and Saturday off of work! :) not that i dont love work, but having 3 full days off with Trav will be so nice!! Work at the Hobby Lobby has been really good i like it alot! I love the girls that i work with too and management is great! I couldn't have asked for a better job for me at this time in my life than this one! :) I was lucky!

I was thinking that since its November and alot of people are doing the thankful blog challenge that i would just kinda randomly do it and write what is on my mind while im blogging that im thankful for!:) So for today i am thankful for,
-Mountain Dew

- Our jobs at RC Willey and Hobby Lobby


-Sweat pants

- Hot showers

-And of course Travis my love!! :D

-Cup Cakes

-Our King sized bed

As you might be able to tell i am hungry and tired :) so i think that after 10 hours at work today i am going to get a snack and go to bed :)

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