Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 events

So i know im a little late, but i wanted to list a few of the big things that happened in mine and Trav's lives in 2010. Its amazing that after almost 2 years of marriage im still falling more and more in love with my amazing husband. I never knew that you could keep falling and falling in love with someone. Its an amazing feeling.
Anyways some things happened in 2010, in no particular order:
*We bought a new car
*Had 2 nephews and 1 niece born
*Trav became an RC Willey Manager
*i found out i was pregnant
*i miscarried 2 weeks later
*We gave our puppy Pebbles away :(
* We moved into a 3 bed apartment
*Got an adorable kitty
*Hiked the Y for Travs first time
* Celebrated our 1 year anniversary
*We went to Bear lake
*We went to Lake Powell
*My good friend Leah got married
*i got a job at Hobby Lobby
*Trav turned 23 and i turned 21
Its truly amazing to me that a year has already past... so much has happened and there is more to come. im so excited to experience the events of 2011, im hoping for the best. :)

Travs first time hiking the Y

our car

Our summer trip to Lake Powell

One year Anniversary
Ha i stole this off of Ericas blog... it was just so perfect on how i felt, or feel.

Leah's wedding!!

Bear lake trip, one of the many that summer.

cute kitty Rue

Our first pet, Pebbles such a cutie pie!! i miss her! :(


  1. THis is adorable! I love that last picture your hair is adorable short!

  2. You have a job at Hobby Lobby? Whoo - let's be friends so we can share discounts. Haha I kid, I kid. Love the cute kitten and that adorable puppy!