Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Rug

So our new rug came, and sadly it isn't big enough to cover up the whole hopscotch but it does cover most of it... so sadly you still see a little bit of the hopscotch on either ends of the rug but it looks so much better than it did. And the rug is so soft :) i love it Trav loves it and even Rue loves it!

We also got Rue a little scratch post so that she isnt so tempted to scratch our couches... boy does it work... she doesnt even use her claws on our couches and i love it! this little post was only about $35 at Wal-Mart. And it goes all the way to the ceiling!!! its awesome and she loves it!

me and Trav actually made a cat scratching post because all the ones we really liked that were really cool were super expensive... i mean in the hundreds of dollars. So we made on it took us 4 hours Trav did most of it and i helped a bunch but when the finished product was done... it just wasnt what we had hoped for... so thats why we were excited about the simple one from Wal-Mart. we did keep the one we made we just moved it into her room/spare bedroom so that its out of the way and out of sight. hahah

Rue also loves our bathroom sink, the tub, bubbles and windows... big shockers i know... she is just so darn cute with the sink... we will turn the water on just a little so it has a solid stream of water and she will try and attack it and then drink it. she also will stick her whole head under the water drip and not even notice until i come to dry her off.

i would also just like to add that i have been loving the Spring like weather the past few days it is wonderful and i wish it was permanent... who knows we shall see. :)

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