Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interested in your opinions

OK so i have been thinking about this alot! And i want to cut my hair back into the short A-line!!! i have had long hair pretty much my whole life and i loved it when i got it cut! it just seemed to grow out so fast!!! So i made an appointment for Monday morning to have it cut. I can cancel if i decide to back out, so i want to hear your opinions!!! Did you like my hair short and think i should go for it again! OR did you love it long and think it looked better long!... I'm just curious to see what you think :) please leave me your opinion

The back of my short hair
Front of my short hair :)
and my long time long hair!! :)



  1. Rana thats a hard one! BUT I say do it, look how fast it grew ya know? AND it was adorable short

  2. Oh, Oriana. You just look gorgeous no matter what! I love the short look :) I agree ^^ go for it. You know it'll look good so why not right??

  3. I loooooooooooooove the short hair. It's so cute on you!! I think it shows your personality better and has much more style :)

  4. I love your long hair but I mean you really do just pull off the short hair so well. Your hair grows so fast. I love the whole short hair and especially on you.