Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Short post.

Travis is back in school and i miss spending all morning with him. He now leaves super early to go to school and then goes straight to work from there and doesn't get home till around 9:30ish. its hard but it needs to be done, it will all be worth it once he graduates. I am just super selfish when it comes to my Travis. But what wife isn't right? :)
Well i just wanted to get on and say that Toris' boyfriend Blu took Bellatrix and she is doing good with him he says. Rue is happy to not be bullied all the time and loves all the attention, she occasionally gets sad and looks for the other cat but then comes and snuggles with me. :)
I wanted to also post all the big things that happened last year, im a little late i know. But im not actually on my computer, so i don't have all my pictures so that will be the next post :)
Im excited for this new year of 2011, im hoping that great things are in store for us. Keeping our fingers crossed of course! so until next time!!! :)

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  1. If you want another cat, we have a kitten (well, he's like 3 months old probably) who lives outside our house. His mom abandoned him. He is darling and so nice. And, he likes other cats..His brother just died last week and he's really lonely. Plus he looks just like your cute cat.

    Just a thought. :)