Friday, May 27, 2011

Bee's game and MOVIES!!

My older brothers work has a lot of perks, little while ago we got to go to the Mayan eat chips and salsa and be in a commercial watching the divers do cool tricks. This time he got us free tickets to a Bee's game! it was pretty fun! they even had a big firework show after it! we had a good time! (Ive never been to a baseball game that wasn't high school...)

Also since my last post we went and saw multiple movies!! :) we LOVE movies so much!

its kind of funny, the night that Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides came out me and Travis were at home watching a little bit of TV while making something to eat for dinner and a commercial came on for that movie. Travis turned to me and said does that come out tonight? i said let me check, jumped onto and sure enough it was! So spur of the moment we bought 2 tickets for the 12:04 showing and were off the see the movie! It was awesome by the way! loved it! We also went and saw the Hang Over part 2 which was freakin hilarious, but also at the same time had some really nasty parts in it, but hello its Hang Over i was expecting it. Movies we watched over the week that weren't in theaters were, I am Number 4 (LOVED it) Charlie St. Cloud (also loved this one) and Seasons of the Witch (SOOOO STUPID NEVER WATCH IT, ITS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME). It was really nice to catch up on some movies we'd been wanting to see!

As for the job situation, i have applied at multiple places on craigslist, but no response in over a week so i dont think ill have any luck there, so today i applied for 2 positions at Macy's :) hopefully those will pull through for me, im still looking.

anyways.... i think thats it for now!

we had good seats!


me and sissa :)

Trav and I at the theater wating for Pirates to start :)

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