Saturday, May 7, 2011

He lives.....

A few Sundays ago Travis' dad gave a talk in sacrament meeting... its one that i have heard many times but each time i hear this story, it touches my heart more and more.... it helps to pull me out of the dark and see the light and know that god does listen and answer our prayers, i feel strongly that i should share this talk with you, this story shows what an amazing man i married.....

"I bear witness that Jesus Christ is he who John testified of, in

“John 3:16 ¶For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

To illustrate this I would like to share a parable,

Jesus Christ used parables and stories to teach, this is so the pearls would only be available to the spirits of those that was in tune.

I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that I have come to know my Redeemer and also the Father in heaven and his love for us, through this story.

My story is about a father, a mother and their family. The youngest son was truly a mama’s boy. But only in the sense, that he really loved his mom. She had several children but this little boy was the sun in her sky. The father had not wanted anymore children but the mother knew that there was a little boy still in heaven that would be very important to this family. As the son grew, his mother had a game that she loved to play with him. Simply, she would say, “Let’s see how fast you can run.” She would then send him on an errand, and count aloud. He loved to run! He was fast as the wind and he amazed the whole family. He was their show and tell many times. They would show him off to their friends and neighbors, saying “Watch how fast he can run.

This became very handy at the ripe age of 8, as he entered his career of Football. Even at that age he seemed to understand the game way beyond his years. Each year he stood out more and as he started to play football his opponents came to know and dread the swift and agile #11. Most teams knew if they were going the stop the purple and White, they had to stop #11.

Sounds like a normal little mama’s boy, aye? While running for touchdown after touchdown, his mother was always there if possible. Mom was one who loved sport, being a top basketball and track star in her high school years. She had great joy in watching her children play no matter which sport. Rather it was Softball, basketball baseball, but she really loved watching her sons play football.

It is important that you understand, if there was ever a perfect running back, receiver or safety #11 was amazingly it. He was so known and respected at his young age that when he started high school football, it was straight to the varsity team he went. As a freshman, he and his brother, who was a senior, played for the purple and white. Mother and father was very blessed to go through the season watching him and his brother, go on to play the state championship game that November.

His mom could not have been more pleased, than when she was hanging the picture of the two brothers, smiling holding up the State Championship trophy.

In February not long after the football season. The family was struck with the most devastating news.

Some of you will understand through personal experience, horror that this word, instantly brings to the soul.


The Mom had cancer, though the whole family was racked with sorrow, the son was beside himself, with deep depression. The son would break into tears at the mere thought of his mother.

The mom’s siblings were tested to see if any would be a match for her bone marrow transfer. Her younger brother matched and the marrow transplant was scheduled.

Baseball season started and that seemed to help the son a little.

And Guess what? You guessed it. Wrapped in blankets, mom was there cheering him on. He played center field. Again because of his lightening speed, no ball hit to center field ever hit the ground. It was just a given. That really was the case for most balls hit in any field near him, he was just always there.

On a Saturday in mid April he was playing a double header. The crowd was absolutely dumbfounded, there was a few hits to center-field that were missing. The mom’s of the other players ask his mom, “What’s up with that? Is he ok.”

The next day he was not feeling well. Monday which was a holiday, he stayed in bed all day. But Tuesday he was yellow and the Dad who was keeping an eye on him while the mom was out of town, knew he had to get him to the doctor.

The son was examined and his blood was taken, he was schedule to return the next day. Early before the appointment, the doctor called and wanted to see him right away. A quick exam and then he was told to go straight to the E.R. at Primary Children Medical Center. The mom had left her travels early to meet the father and son before going to P.C.M.C.

Tests were run and results returned. The medical staff met with Mom, Dad and the son.


Tears, hugs and questions.

How could this be? The very disease, that the Mom had just been diagnosed with only a short time earlier.

His tears started again, this again made mom and dad break down. Then his remarks brought exasperating, “NO, NO, son please NO!

Through his tears he said” Now I know, God answers prayers, I have plead with Him for weeks that He would take your Leukemia away from you and give it to me, I am stronger”.

Mom like everyone else would, she questioned.

God wouldn’t do that?

How could this little man pay the price of this disease for her?

Three years, I repeat, Three years of Chemotherapy.

Losing his hair, he soon came to learn, was just a small part of the long battle and sacrifice ahead.

Quickly losing that near prefect, athletic body, which was fast as the wind. 160 pounds faded to a mere 100 pound skeleton within the year. Many nights, mom and dad would hold him and kiss his forehead, then tucking him into bed, praying that his spirit would still be there when morning came.

Being fed with a tube, because, he could not keep any food down.

His once fast and agile legs, were now aching as the bones in them were dying, due to the large and consistent doses of prednisone. He was then in a wheelchair, barely able to walk and no running.

But all, and I mean all, was met with a good attitude!

Mom who was struggling with gilt, that his prayer really may have been answered. Her doctors marveled that her blood now seemed to be the blood of one in remission, without the marrow transplant that had then been canceled, nor any chemo.

His mom would ask him, “How can you go through all this and still do it with such a great attitude?”

His answer through three years, Was “How can I ask God for something and then complain when He allowed me to do this for you. Besides I knew and God knew, you were not able to go through all this and I am happy to do it for you”.

I testify, Jesus Christ lives and loves us. In spirit we all have cancer. The word sin, in its many forms, should cause our knees to buckle, our lips should quiver. Sin is more devastating than cancer. I testify of the love God the Father has for us, I testify of the anguish that he suffered, He cause the earth to roll and fall into darkness, as He watch His Son pay the price for us, because we could not be strong enough, without the grace of His Son.

Now while this Mother’s son was lying near death, in his bedroom, the mom and dad in the next room, heard, the son burst into tears. Mom and dad quickly ran to his side, instantly his expression conveyed. His tears were tears of great joy. He recounted, “Three Heavenly messangers’ had just visited. They blessed him, with a great blessing of purpose. They expressed the Father’s love for his true loyalty.

He was blessed to find a drug that helped him slowly deal with the pain and keep food down.

He slowly began to push himself to heal and gain some of his strength back.

Did I make it clear, that he loved football? His hospital room had been covered with football pictures and attitude quotes. He found that the medical staff had no room for such dreams and let him know that, while the pictures and quote were inspiring, he should face the fact that football was over for him. Many of doctors got the same message that Satan should get from us. “Depart”

He missed the last part of his freshman year and all of his sophomore year. After his heavenly visitors, we come to his Junior year, he struggled to begin jogging again. He found himself on the football team, but mostly as a token or a team booster and a cause for inspiration to the team. But the coach let him know, just like the doctors did, “you’re not going to play.”

Then just like the doctors that had told him the same. The son replied, “I want people who will tell me the things I can do, No can’t around here.”

So his Senior Year, he found New Doctors, he found a New Coach, which meant he had to leave his school and friends, to go to a new school.

He did what we need to do. Surround about us, people that believe and have vision.

His Senior Year, still on Chemo, in fact, he was in the third phase of chemo. This is known as the intense phase of chemo.

He grew; he began to run, not just up the field, but up the mountains, up trails and ridges.

With the same flair for the game that he so freely laid down for his mother, he rose again. He not only played his senior year, but,

He made many touchdowns, he tied the state record for interceptions. Then to crown his effort, he was chosen First team All State, an honor that few with whole bodies reach.

Baseball started, he did not go out for it. When asked why? He replied.

“It was time for me to be about my Father in Heavens business, he also said, “he couldn’t take the chance of getting hurt.”

Then he said, “They never told me I would never play baseball again!”

So what became of this son, mother and father?

He went on his mission to the West Virginia Charleston Mission. He came home with faith to marry a most wonderful women, that he would have never meet if he had not went on his mission and served very faithfully. So faithfully that a member there was so impressed with him, she got him to write her sister who was here in Orem. Now the two of them have just celebrated their 2 years of marriage together, and for the moment live in the apartment in our basement. .

Where is the mom? She is doing wonderful, loving her eleven grandsons’ and new little granddaughter.

Didn’t say much about the father, because, he fell away from the church. I, being he, was mad at God. In my small way I was mad at everything. Just before my son, Travis’ senior year. The ward youth went on a handcart trek. Travis wanted to go; I could believe these people would even consider taking him, just another thing to be mad at. I had to go to protect him, and remember, he didn’t and still doesn’t like the word you can’t.

While there.

I saw the spirit of the pioneers.

On a very beautiful star lit night, God let me know that he knew just how I felt. He embraced me and shared with me the feeling that he had when His Son suffered.

So I tell you that God lives. Jesus Christ his son has suffered for me, he has taken the pain and the lashes for my cancer of the soul. Father, I repent, I believe, I love thee Lord.

So you see my testimony and subject for discussion has been borne into my soul for eternity. Because of the sacrifice that has been carried in behalf of me and you.

This I testify in the name of Him who heals me, who is my strength,

Jesus Christ, even the Son of God."

i know that god lives and loves us all and that everything happens for a reason on the time when it is right.... how can i curse god and be so mad at him for taking away a child from me before it was mine, when he is the one to give us those miracles, i have been so blessed to marry someone as special as Travis, i love him so much and feel so honored to have been chosen by such a spiritual person to be married to for time and all eternity, and i cannot wait to have children with this amazing man and see our children grow and hopfully have the same attitude and spirituality of their father.


  1. That is such an amazing story! I literally had tears running down my face. I had no idea about any of that. Travis is awesome!

  2. Yup I just cried. Seriously such an amazing story. So happy that you two have each other! You guys are perfect for each other! Love you girl!

  3. No matter how many times I hear that story, I still cry like a baby. I'm so glad my baby sister, who I love, is so happily married to such an amazing person. I wish I could be there to cry and laugh with you, but at least I know you are in good hands. Oriana, I really love you and feel so sad that you have to have this trial. But I know that you are strong and if anyone can handle it, it's you and Trav. You are both amazing. Thanks for sharing that. I love you both!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! Everything about Trav having a great attitude through this is true. Sure he had his times when he was down, but my goodness that kid just kept trucken and if you didn't know him you would have never guessed he was battling cancer. Trav was so much fun and some of my best memories were hanging out with trav, ash, and jake at his house and watching him build his farm in his overalls haha! Love you both :)