Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things that make me happy! :D

To start off listen to this song, its one of my favorite sunday songs, its from EFY 2004

Mountain Dew

my family
Squished dance lines

a nice made bed!

my ugly/cute pug, Koda

my silly kitty Rue

our wedding day

these too mixed together as a dip for nachos, no im not kidding its amazing!!
my skirt falling down

and then the next year Leahs skirt falling down!! :)

SHOES!!! as you can see i have alot...

drinking out of mugs!! especially this one!


hahah these two together

the cute things my Trav does for me

goofy dance pics (we are spelling YOU can you tell)

dressing crazy with Tori for dance!

Olive garden with for birthdays with some of my FAVORITE people!

my handsom hubby

and many many more things but also this commercial, please watch it, i cried i was laughing so hard at this!! it is so dang cute!

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  1. hahahah NACHOS! LEMON HEADS! MY DADS BOAT!....yeah...