Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Usual

Well big surprise, i'm still not pregnant. It would have all been TOO perfect for me to get pregnant just after our 2 year anniversary and all. Funny thing happened though well it isnt funny, just interesting... i wasnt as sad and down as i usually get when i start. Normally i cry a little bit at some part of the day over it, like when i call my OB/GYN to get another prescription of Chlomid, just randomly id start crying to the nurse... (im a ball baby i know) but this month... not one single tear.... almost like i dont have any left to shed over this matter. I feel like thats a bad thing.... i dont know. :S
Just gotta keep on going. So Ive decided instead of just waiting for the house to go through instead of just waiting to get pregnant i really should do something to keep me busy, to keep my mind off of things. So i have decided to get a job again. I quit Hobby Lobby a few months back because i couldn't stand the way the manager did things, he was a little creeper too. So i left. I am now on the stupid dreaded job hunt. So if anyone hears of anything good and would like to pass it my way, id love that!
I also started wearing my retainer for my top teeth again, and man do i have the worst headaches when i wake up now... :S so not cool, but im liking the results. not that my teeth were crooked or anything the retainer just makes them look better somehow :) and i like that.

Can i just say, WTF with all the rain! I gained an awesome start to my tan the week before laying out everyday and then all the sudden no sun for a week!!! come on i need more sun, i need to get back that nice dark tan i was always so lucky to have!! but as i have learned with life, ill be patient and wait for the sun to decide to come back and grace me with its warm rays of light, when its ready to come back! :)
Today we were supposed to go to boondocks for Travis' work party, but since its raining.... we aren't going, so that will be postponed to next week! :)

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  1. I believe kohls is hiring...i think they're having two group interviews on monday or tuesday...just go fill out an application, or call and ask about it before then and tell them i referred you, they always look for those first...but only if you're intrested. :)