Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mayan

Yesterday, Friday the 13 i welcomed with open arms, you see after losing my baby on January the 13 last year, and having Travis' favorite number being #1 and mine #3 put them together and you get 13. Travis and i have decided that 13 is now to be our new LUCKY number :) call me crazy. So Friday we were hoping that something fun and exciting would happen or just anything. turns out my brother was taking pictures at the Mayan restaurant in sandy for their commercial and asked if we would want to stand in as extras. We had nothing else planned so why not!? We went up there sat and ate chips and salsa and watched the fun entertainment for 3 hours.... it wasnt until the very end that they told us we were able to get any kind of food for FREE!!! :) but thats ok because by then we were all full of chips and salsa. the best part is, that as we were leaving they told us that sometime if we want to dive off the rocks that the pro's do we would have to come early, before the restaurant opened. REALLY!!! hahah we got us some connections to go dive at the Mayan! :) pretty sweet huh? it was pretty fun, but other than that, the rest of the day consisted of cleaning and getting groceries. But id rather it be that than a bad day right?! :) The time again is coming when i get to pee on that stupid little stick that always tells me, not pregnant, and im not expecting much more this time. But ive finally decided to not be upset with it if it does come out not pregnant, ive told myself it will be ok if im not pregnant, AGAIN, this time. life will go on and i just gotta keep trying and when the time is right, it will finally happen. Ive never been too good at waiting and being patient, if i want something i want it right now and don't want to have to wait for it, so this is good for me, but hopefully the lord will see that after a whole year and a half of waiting, heartbreak, and watching everyone else get pregnant and having those babies that maybe he will let me have my turn.

Also our house situation.... ugh... dont get me started, i honestly dont know why they call it a SHORT sale when it takes FOREVER long!! we found a really nice town home that we put an offer in and are now just waiting... and waiting... and waiting.... it sucks... and yet another thing to wait on. haha but hopefully everything will all be worth the wait in the end, right?! Anyways thats all for now! xoxo

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  1. Short Sales do suck. so sorry, hopefully you will hear soon..