Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good/Bad day

This morning at about 4 am my phone goes off, Trav gets up to answer it and finds out his sister just had her baby. Tessa Nicole Michaelis, Yay the first Niece/Granddaughter on the Taylor side out of 11 nephews/grandsons. It was exciting, holding that precious little girl in my hands made my heart ache. But what a joy to have such a sweet life brought into this world.
Also today my next door neighbor/sister-in-law found out she is having a baby boy and showed me the ultra sound pictures she got. So fun and so cute to see his little profile and little tiny feet. What wonderful news, how happy and excited everyone is, the 5th nephew/grandson, while there are 7 nieces/granddaughters on the de Hoyos side, kinda the opposite of the Taylor's side. but what happy news everyone is getting today I'm so happy for them!!
But yet, its baby business, and its everywhere, and it makes my heart ache, i choke back tears so no one can tell but its so hard. how long am i gonna have to wait?
Life is just one crazy roller coaster that is for sure. But as i stop to feel sorry for myself i remember to stop and cut it out, because someone out there has it far worse and is probably handling it like a champ, and holding strong. I am working at being better, writing my stresses out definitely helps me feel better. I feel sorry for my loving husband, none of this is easy for him either he really wants to be a dad, and i know he will be an amazing one. So i try not to let him know how much i think about it, and try not to let him see when I'm having a sad baby day. Because it honestly doesn't do any of us any good. So on a happy note,
Today was a great day for my sister-in-laws and I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! and welcome Tessa to the world!

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  1. you are so wonderful Oriana. Whether or not people express their sorrow out loud or quietly in their hearts we all feel it. We understand if you are feeling this way. Just keep being the positive girl you are. Love ya!