Friday, May 21, 2010


I love getting pictures taken with the love of my life, my hubby. who doesn't? i like showing the world what a handsome man i married. On of my best friends from high school took some pictures for us. and then the next week my brother asked if he could use as models for some pictures so that he could build his portfolio. and i said of course, heck yeah!! so now i have tonz of amazing photos of me and my hubby Travis. And the thing i love about having pics from 2 different photographers is their style is so different which gives me lots of variety, and i love that! so here are some from each photographer hope you enjoy them as much as i do!!!

From my friend Courtney Campbell:

ahh there are too many to choose from :)

My brother hasnt finished editing the pics he has taken so i stole some of them off facebook
Here are the pics that my brother T.C. took:

and those are just a few of his, i know this is ALOT of pictures to put up but i just wanted to share them and then if anything ever happens to my computer and i lose everything ill at least have these pics on my blog!! hope you like them! :)


  1. those are all so cute Oriana!! You're lucky, I really need to get some family/couple pictures. We haven't since we were married. And your hair is getting long again!! it's cute

  2. I LOOOOVE em!! You look amazingly GORGEOUS!!! And as an aspiring photographer...i am in love with both styles! :)