Friday, May 7, 2010

The search is OVER!!! :)

I cannot express to you how thrilled i am that the car hunting is finally OVER!!! We have found our car and it is OURS!!! :) Yay!! Trav found it in Salt Lake and had them drive it to the Honda dealer down by our house in Orem so that i could come look at it and so we could test drive it. Our new car is a 2001 White Nissan X-Terra with 65,000 miles on it and the starting price was $9k. We test drove it and everything was great, except a small rattle on the left side of the car when you go over bumps so we had them put in our contract that they would either fix or replace what ever the noise is so that it is perfect!! It is SO SO VERY nice to have our OWN car and not borrow family's cars and such. I love it!! Oh and it has 4wheel drive which i also LOVE, especially since i hate driving in the snow anyways the 4wheel drive makes me feel a whole lot better! :)

Also our anniversary last weekend was AMAZING, and very much needed! The Swiss Family Robinson room that we stayed in was so COOL!!! The bed high up in the trees was so much fun, that i wish i had it in our home, and the tub, oh the tub, my other true love, the jetta tub was huge, and we had so much hot water it was heaven!! The shower was a waterfall that came into the tub which was actually pretty dang sweet as well! That night he ordered pizza to our room cuz we didn't really feel like going out, sadly i was sick with a horrible beastly cold. :S but the pizza was great!! In the morning they brought us breakfast which was granola and yogurt with some raspberries on it, a huge cinnamon roll, a large cheese and ham croissant and two juices of our choice! it was yummy :) Check out was at noon but we were out of there by about 10:30. After we had checked out and everything we went to the Hogal Zoo!!! I love the zoo it is so much fun and i love to look at all the animals! The weather was also very nice, which was great cuz i was worried it would be cold! My favorite part at the zoo was the little monkeys and the tigers, and the Marry-go-round that was playing tikki room ( i wanted to start dancing too it but trav wouldn't have it ;) ) And Travis' favorite part was the GORILLA!!! haha he was huge! All in all with being sick it was a very well needed and much loved get away! I wish we could do it more often! :) here are some pictures from that day!

mmmm our yummy breakfast We brought the top part of our wedding cake so we could eat it up there, when we unwrapped it it was all distorted looking hahah like this! We ate it anyways and it was pretty good, The tub of my dreams, and the shower of travis' dreams ha
Trav high up in the trees on our bed
trav with our tickets to get into the zoo

The monkeys!! they were fun to watch
the gorilla


  1. I love the zoo. and that room is so cool. And IM SO JEALOUS of your car.. I love Xterras

  2. I LOVE the new car, and I am SOOOO jealous that you got to go to anniversary inn!! I haven't been there yet! Looks like you had so much fun!!!

  3. Nickole has that EXACT x-terra! I LOVE it too! Good choice! :) Also...i miss seeing you every week a t dance. :( And yes, be motivated! It is SO good! I am proud of you! anniversary looks like it was fun! I can't believe you two have been married a year! :)

  4. Rana! Your blog is so cute and fun to look at !! Hope all is going well :)