Saturday, May 8, 2010

A little sad..... :(

This morning i was watching Glee on hulu, because i had missed it this week, and watching Rachael in ballet class with the toe shoes made me think, i haven't even put mine on since big show last year. So after i watched the whole episode i got my dance bag out of the closet, opened it, tried on every dance shoe i had and danced around in them a little, and then got out the toe shoes! I never thought i would think this, but oh how i missed them!! (crazy i know) Of course as soon as i put them on and stood up on point i got the charlie horse and the sharp pain that comes with the beautiful shoes! I did a few things on them and realized, i don't have the muscle, the flexibility the pain tolerance i used to have a year ago. After being sick for a whole month disintegrating, then having surgery where i just sat around even more, to having a miscarriage that made me depressed and just eat and lay around my dancer body was GONE!! Since i no longer dance, and i find just working out at the gym boring i haven't done anything to change that. And it made me very sad. How in one year could i have fallen so far down. After 8 years i know all the steps, the names the way to do them but i don't have the muscle or flexibilities i once worked so hard for. So i have decided today, that I, Oriana Taylor will go to the orem rec center every morning to do yoga, and pillates and then every Tuesday and Thursday nights go to zumba where i can get some of my love for dance out into the open! no more of this nonsense i will not have it!!! This is just my frustration right now and i felt like sharing it, because for some reason that always makes it feel better and now that Ive told everyone I'm going to do this maybe they can keep me to my word and make sure i actually DO IT!!! I will get a hot bod and tight muscles and be super flexible by the end of this summer!!!! Because i can do it!!!!! but i would love any company!! if anyone would like to join me, PLEASE DO!!! its always so much more fun with friends!!!

This is leah and me as Esmerelda and Jasmine for our 2007 pas de deux in big show :) we liked to play around and take fun pictures!

The pic at the top is Caden, Leah, and me! :)


  1. I find this funny because I do this all the time. Something will remind me of dance, so I decide I that I'm going to dance aroun in all of my dance shoes. I miss it so much. I do yoga too to fill that dance area haha. I'm glad I am no the only one who does this.

  2. Good for you! I know how you feel. At least you have the time and freedom to do something about it!! Love you, see you in a month!!!!

  3. RANA okay first i would like to say that I have tried to comment this like 5 times but my computer is having major issues! Second i LOVE your car, third, I would LOVE to come to yoga with you as long as you don't make fun cause I suck and lastly you are gorgeous and i miss you!!

  4. Thanks! We are so excited! I just can't wait to get over the sick stage....I haven't thrown up though luckily! ...Only like 7 more weeks until I'm past that stage; haha that's forever long but I'm so excited to see Owen be a dad!

    So are you pregnant or still trying?

  5. Hey! I love zumba :) it will totally do the trick I always feel better when I do it!