Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday was payday which means grocery day, I took Trav with me after he got home from work and we went to Wal-Mart. We had everything we needed and were headed to the check out stands when of course there was a huge display of 24 pack sodas for only $5. Trav was so excited that he got 2 boxes! This is what our fridge looked like when we put them all in!!!

Yup it took up our whole middle shelf!

Well later that night we were just watching some tv, you know ghost whisperer and then medium when some friends of ours called and said they had just rented a movie and wanted to know if they could come over and watch it with us. We said of course and they came over. Well let me just tell you now, if anyone ever says hey want to watch a movie called Crazy on the Outside? TELL THEM NO!!!! we watched it and i seriously was bored out of my mind!!! it just wasn't very good i thought and i would never suggest it to anyone. some people may like it, i DID NOT!! so just a warning to you all.

Also since spring is finally coming and its actually starting to feel like it I've been looking for swim suits for this summer since me and Travis will be going to Lake Powell the end of July i wanna find a cute new suit. well I've been looking on Lands End and i found one i LOVE!! i dunno why its just plain and simple but i want it!! only thing, is that its $89.99 and you know boys, they think anything that cost that much and is some form of clothing is a waste of money. So we will see if i cant win my case, :) here it is!!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! IT is a little pricey..but, if your going to wear it all the time and get your money's worth, it is GREAT!! Plus, your swim suit says a lot! You NEED a cute one, hello? Its acalled being a girl! ha!

  2. so did you ever find out if your pregnant

  3. haha looks like our fridge but its full of poweraide and capri sun :) winco has AMAZING deals on drinks and well really anything. saves us lots of money :)AND swim suits are soooo worth it! try maybe -- they are super cute ones along with :)

  4. LOL Okay so I have to tell you that I am ADDICTED to buying swimsuits! The best is in the fall season because then they all go on sale for half the price. I Bought one in October last year and 2 more this spring. Scott thinks I'm insane and has forbidden me to buy any more no matter how good a deal I find. Anyway the suit you picked is really cute. The color and the cut will look great on you.

  5. Ok silly girl... that swimsuit looks an awful lot like the one we found at the thrift store... you shoulda' bought it :)